Kailey was born and raised on the west coast surfing and skating as a kid. However the cliche of "the mountains are calling" was really it when she packed up her life to live in Flagstaff, AZ. 

There she fell IN LOVE with snowboarding, the culture, and started living outdoors as much as possible. She became obsessed with health and fitness as how she could use it to better herself in her favorite outdoor sports. 

After graduating with as B.S. in engineering with an emphasis in biomechanics, she new that working with snowboarders was where she wanted to be. After too many times of hurting herself and watching her friends get injured, it became very clear that we needed a different and more sustainable approach to stay in the sport we love so much. 

My focus is in investing countless hours in educating snowboarders globally, empowering them to spend more time on the hill, and progress their passion without the hindrance of injuries.

Kailey is still located in Flagstaff Arizona, working with snowboarders from everywhere online. Her specialty is in strong and pain free movement, performance training for the demands of the mountain, and injury prevention for the riders taking it to the next level.

If Kailey is not snowboarding, you can find her hiking through Sedona or running the trail systems in Flagstaff with her pup, Jet.